10 Tips For Surviving An Office Holiday Party

tips for office holiday parties
10 Tips For Surviving An Office Holiday Party
I have been to my fair share of office Christmas parties. They can be a little tricky to navigate so today I am sharing my 10 tips for not only surviving but also being a success at any office holiday party.

TIP ONE // Attend the party and pay attention to the clock. If you want a future at this company consider attendance mandatory. Coworkers and bosses will take note of who is in attendance. Keep in mind that party all night or making an extremely brief appearance will also be noticed and frowned upon.

TIP TWO // Dress appropriately. Match your outfit to the event and venue. Leave anything that is too short, tight, or revealing at home. Make a bit of effort when choosing your clothes, dress up, and be a little festive.

TIP THREE // Find out who coordinated the event. Make sure to thank them and bring them a hostess gift. A box of chocolates works or something that can be used in an office setting.

TIP FOUR // Practice moderation. If you choose to drink keep it to a minimum.

TIP FIVE // Arrive prepared. Come to the party ready to make small talk and have a few conversation topics picked out.

TIP SIX // Remember your manners. This is a business with your bosses present so be on your best behavior. Also, don't forget to smile. Your coworkers and bosses are watching so sulking in a corner is a big no.

TIP SEVEN // Mingle with new people. Work the room. Don't spend the entire event with your office buddies. Take advantage of this time to meet some new people and interact with those that you do not deal with on a daily basis.

TIP EIGHT // Limit shop talk. Remember this event was planned for you and your coworkers to bond and enjoy yourselves.

TIP NINE // Make a point of talking to your bosses. If you work for a huge company this may be one of the few times in the year you are in the same room as the President/CEO/etc. of the company. Make sure you introduce yourself. However no matter the size of your company always make a good impression by never leaving without personally wishing your boss a happy holiday.

TIP TEN // Show up to work the next day. This is self-explanatory. If your office party is on a week night you will be expected to be at work the next day. Make sure you are.

P.S. Find a suggestion for what to wear to a casual office holiday party here.

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  1. great tips, Hope you are having a great week.

  2. yes...the last tip! lol. i admit our office parties always have too much shop talk!

  3. SOOOOO RADDD!!!!! These holiday tips are everything!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



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