What to Wear: Christmas at Grandma's

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What to Wear: Grandmas at Christmas
We always go to Grandma's house on the holidays. Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. all gather at my grandma's house to exchange gifts and to have Christmas dinner. We all bring something for the meal so that no one person has to go all out on the food. We laugh, talk, and catch up with each other. In thinking about dressing for the holidays at a grandparent's house or another relatives for that matter, I want to look nice but not over the top. This dress is perfect for a family get-together. It is polished but not revealing. Adding simple accessories and flats also keep the look from getting too dressy. What will you be wearing for holiday with the relatives?


  1. So so gorgeous, love this whole look :) xx

  2. When I in the states for the holiday. I wear a nice sweater and dress pants or jeans.

  3. aww...i wish i still had grandmas to visit. mine passed years ago. in hawaii, we wear shorts, lol...i just posted about this! nice shorts, tho! love those TB flats. i have them in gold.


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