Chit Chat: Live Better

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Chit Chat: Live Better
As we are entering in the last week of January are you still on tract with keeping your resolutions? Did you opt out of setting resolutions this year?

I shared some thoughts on resolutions a couple weeks ago. I spent some time over the week evaluating my current standing with my 2015 resolution. In 2014 I aspired to be kinder and this year my resolution is to live better. To accomplish my goal for this year I plan to break down having a better quality of life throughout the year into doable steps.

Currently I am working toward:

Trying new foods. I am a notoriously picky eater. Combine that with being a vegetarian and I know I cause a headache for friends when they are planning meals that I have been invited to. Not to mention it makes things as simple as eating out kind of difficult. To make this worse it isn't even really that I do not like these foods, it is that most foods I have never even tried. How do you get to my age and have never ate a pear? This year I am going to try new foods (concentrating on those that are nutrient rich). I had originally decided that I would try 20 foods this year but after having 5 in just the first few weeks of the year I removed a number from this goal and I am going to pick up a few new things each time I buy groceries.

Focus in on my style. I do not know if it is because of stress or because I'm not really happy with my job but I have become lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the mornings. I hate this and I am really surprised that this is a bad habit I have fallen into. I love fashion and clothes. Plus, when I love what I am wearing I feel better about myself and my total outlook is more positive. Also I have always heard dress for the job you want not the job you have.

Travel some place new. Last year I was lucky enough to take a few different vacations but they were all to places I have been before. This year I plan to expand my horizons a little and travel somewhere new. I haven't decided where yet but I will be researching options in the next few months.

Read more books. I read a lot but it mostly magazines, newspapers, and blogs. This year I want to read more books. Starting a book club last year has definitely helped with this but I want to kick it up another notch this year. Here are some books on my current reading list. Most of these books are for fun but I would love to also read more books that teach me something, change the way I look at something, or improve my life. Do you have any life changing book suggestions for what I should read?

Get out more. As an introvert it is so easy for me to get into a routine of staying home and being perfectly happy. I like socializing and going places but I also like staying home (and alone time). I am not someone who gets bored. In fact I cannot remember a time I felt truly bored so being home and periods of having no social engagements on my calendar has never really been a problem for me but being social and building relationships is important for health. This year I am going to make plans more often (and not cancel them). Next weekend Jessica and I are going out of town for a little shopping trip and to meet friends to see a movie. I have tickets in a couple months for the ballet. I have gotten together with some friends and we have purchased tickets for a board game convention (a little nerdy but should be a lot of fun). I have also enrolled in an art class. I can officially say progress is being made on this goal. I posted more about being a social butterfly here.

Stop wasting energy. I have always felt like I had some kind of obligation or responsibility to do things I do not want to do. This year I want to say no more often. I do not want to waste time and energy on things I do not like. I do not plan on engaging in activities I have no interest in or spending time with people who do not make my life better. I want to spend this year focusing on things I love and enjoy. Life's too short for bad food, bad books, and bad people.

Breaking a large goal into smaller steps feels good and I can easily note the accomplishments I have made. If you have some resolutions you are still struggling with step back and see if you can break it down into smaller actionable steps.

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  1. These sound like great goals...I am doing well on mine, good do more exercise, so I must fix that!! But, all in all, I have kept them :)) Getting out more I would add to mine as well for the new month!! I hope you reach all yours doll xx

  2. i;m glad you are trying new foods. i have a friend who only eats chicken fingers with ketchup, pretty much. she hates everything but when i ask if she's tried stuff she always says no. that frustrates me. how can you hate something before you've tried it??

  3. These are all good goals! Hope you'll get soon what you want! :)

  4. These are all great goals! I am still on track with my 365 workouts plan.

  5. I really like your practical steps to achieve your goals!

  6. I haven't really made resolutions this year, or have had time to. But I have been starting to work out 3 days a week so lets see if I can keep that up! I am such a foodie so I encourage to to try new foods as well, you don't know what you are missing : )

  7. I'm the same way about being lazy with my work clothes. I too am not that happy with my job and it has definitely affected my mood and my motivation in the mornings. Blah. But you're right, we should dress for the jobs we want! I need to make a better effort to look nice!

    Good luck with your goals!! :)

  8. I have many similar goals! It's so hard not to fall into a work-clothes rut. I haven't even been full-time working for very long and I'm already struggling to find mew combinations.


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