Happy Weekend

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Happy Weekend
I really don't have much planned for this weekend. Sometimes weekends like this end up being the absolute best. Staying home with no plans especially when the weather is supposed to be cold and snowy sounds wonderful to me.

Jessica is scheduled to help coach an academic team tournament for some of the kids at the school where she teaches. As for me I will likely finally pack my Christmas tree away until next year. Thinking about taking down the remainder of my Christmas decorations makes me a little sad. I have never been a fan of hiding away pretty things. I have still been turning the lights on my tree on every evening after I get home from work. Work has been stressful since the holidays and I happen to think that seeing my tree twinkling in the background as I cook dinner, do some chores, and unwind with a favorite tv show or book has made my home feel a little more cozy and cheerful.

During the remainder of my weekend I hope to dive into a new book, begin organizing my closet, and make vegetable soup. Cold winter days seem like the perfect time for a hearty vegetable soup. Plus cooking something on Sundays that I can eat for dinner during the week helps me resist the temptation to pick up pizza on my way home or have dinner consisting solely of vegetarian chicken nuggets that I throw in the oven when I get home because I am too tired to cook anything else.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. Definitely the weather for making warming soup and diving into a good book. Keeping warm and cosy is on my agenda too for this weekend!


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