Stylish for Less: $25 and Under

Bow Dress adorable dress - Jem Statement Necklace - Tan Clutch - Patterned Top love the pop of colors - Golden Buckle Boots - Plum Blossom Midi Skirt beautiful print - Bejeweled Sweater

Stylish for Less: $25 and Under
After all the holiday shopping and spending we are all watching where our cash goes and trying to put a little more into savings. We shouldn't have to completely give up on buying something nice for ourselves though. This week the #stylishforless has beautiful items for $25 and under. I love each and every item in this collection. My favorite item would have to be this midi skirt. I was already a fan of the midi skirt, but this print in these colors just pops. If I owned this skirt, it would definitely be an item that I would want to wear all the time. Wouldn't you?


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