Happy Weekend

hunter boots in the snow
Happy Weekend
This weekend is going to be a really quite weekend for me. Last weekend was very busy and filled to the brim with plans so the next couple days should create a good balance to life.

This weekend is my grandmother's birthday. I baked her an Italian Cream Cake yesterday and tomorrow all of my family will be getting together to take her to dinner to celebrate.

Other than celebrating my grandmother's birthday I am going to spend the weekend on a few projects that I hope to share here soon and reading my book club's book for this month. It should be nice to spend some time relaxing before diving into another crazy week at work. What will you be doing over the next few days?

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  1. I like quiet weekends! Going to be the same here. Happy Birthday to your grandma!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandma! Enjoy celebrating with her!


  3. Enjoy your weekend, and a very happy birthday to your grandmother!


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