What To Wear: Shopping

what to wear on a long day shopping
What To Wear: Shopping
Scoop Neck Tank Top / Cardigan / Pants / Crystal Stud Earrings (so pretty!) / Pearl Ring / Knuckle Ring / Bucket Bag / YSL Nail Lacquer in Blue Cobalt / Nails Lipstick in Schiap (a pop of pink) / Sneakers

Jessica and I live outside a very small town about two hours outside of Lexington. Every few weeks we make the trip to Lexington for a long day of errands, appointments, and cramming in as much shopping as possible. That is exactly what we did last Saturday. Over the years I have learned pretty well what is the best things to wear during these all day running around town and shopping marathons. The ideal outfit for me involves pull up pants (believe me you do not want to be wiggling out of your skinny jeans in dressing rooms all day) and a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top. Pair these with an open cardigan that can be tossed off quickly and comfortable slip-on sneakers. I also keep accessories very simple and avoid necklaces because they usually become a huge bother when repeatedly changing clothes.

What is your go to outfit when heading out for a long day of shopping?


  1. Loving those perforated slip-ons! Perfect!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. lOVE THE BAG :)


  3. Great advice! I also stick with a cardigan and slip-on shoes when shopping.

  4. Wonderful tips. My go-to outfit would probably be an easy to put on dress and sandals. But since I've moved to England (I'm from LA), I realized that the weather is a major factor when it comes to going out. Therefore, if I were to shop here, then I'd probably still wear a dress, two tights if its winter, flat boots and my go-to black Zara coat!

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  5. Hello from Spain: Great proposal. Keep in touch


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