Espadrilles for Spring

Flamingo Print Lace Ups - Painted Stripes - Blue and White Striped - Jungle Green - Tribal Print
Black and White - Floral Print - Pastel Pink - Faux Leather - Leopard Print

Espadrilles for Spring
Most of the time I'm all about dressing in what is going to be comfortable and easy. As a teacher I am constantly on the go at school. I feel like I spend a good portion of my day just walking around my classroom making sure students are on task and monitoring so that I can determine who needs help and then help them.

Espadrilles are a perfect shoe for Spring. They are easy to slip on and with all the prints and colors you can easily find several pairs that you will absolutely love. Another great thing about these shoes is that all of the pairs above are under $50. I love these because of the fun print. They would be perfect for my trip to the beach in May. I also love this pair because they are such a pretty color. What do you think about espadrilles?


  1. I want all ov them :p

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  2. Now that I think about it WHY have I not purchased a pair of these? They are so my style. I have Sperry's and I have TOMS because I love the ease (and flat bottoms) of slip on shoes. I love all the cute patterns they come in.


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