Stylish for Less: Spring Dresses Under $100

Striped Bodycon Dress $18 - Palm Springs Dress $50 - White Sporty Bodycon Dress $64 - Yellow Pencil Skirt Dress $76 - Crepe Skater Dress $100 - Light Pink Dress $35 - Striped Skate Dress $20 - Blue Floral Dress $23 - Tropical Sundress $29 - Patterned Gypsy Dress $40 - Yellow Floral Dress $100 - Floral Shift Dress $30

Stylish for Less: Spring Dresses
Let's just face it, dresses are a must-have item for Spring. Everyone should have a few (and by few I mean a dozen or so) good Spring dresses. These dress should be pretty, cool, and easy to wear. Spring is about breaking out of thick layers we had to wear all Winter and finally getting out to have some fun. Whether you are meeting friends for lunch, running errands, going to work, or spending the day out and about you need some great dresses. I love this dress for lunch with friends. It has a great color and cute print. This $20 option would be the perfect dress from for me to wear while spending the day outside enjoying the good weather. It would be perfect for a picnic or a wear to the park. Which dress would you wear where?

I love all of the options above. They are mainly under $100 with only two of them being exactly $100. These dresses would all go great with sandals, flats, or heels depending on your preference or where you are going in it. Add a couple of accessories like a pendant necklace or a few bangles and grab your tote and you are ready to go. So simple, right?


  1. I love the black and white striped dress in the third row. I have a similar one I can't wait to wear.


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