The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition
I love finding unique ways to wrap presents like these 2 gift wrapping ideas. It just adds a more personal touch to the gift. Don't you think?

These heels are absolutely stunning. I love the color, don't you?

These days I'm loving all things Shabby Apple especially this skirt. It's perfect for Spring.

These sunnies would be perfect for my trip to the beach!

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask on a First Date- have you asked these questions before? I think these are definitely great questions to ask to get know someone. These are also great things to know about your friends as well.

Apparently I should live in the house from The Notebook, Which famous movie house should you live in?

12 Secrets to Looking Better in Photos- I did not know most of these. What about you?

Do you have an iPhone? Here are 20 iPhone Hacks Everyone Should Know, how many of these do you already know?

Perhaps I should do more of these: 7 Activities Super Successful People Do on the Weekends. What's your favorite weekend activities?

I adore the style of Kate Middleton, don't you?

This Pinterest board will remind you that there are good people in this world.

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  1. looks wonderful I just love lazy Sundays! Have a great upcoming week!!

  2. Great tips with the photos, I need to put those to work!


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