6 Easy Tips to Make Your Patio Pop!

6 Easy Tips to Make Your Patio Pop!
So officially I have been on Summer break from work for two weeks now. Those two weeks were busy with my beach vacation to get away from everything and relax. After getting home from my vacation I have tried to get caught up on everything I had started to let slide around the house because of the surplus of work hours. Now though, I am ready to kick back and enjoy Summer before I have to start working again next month. During the warmer months I love to have friends over to socialize with dinner, games, movie nights, or just to hang out and talk on the patio with some cool lemonade. The patio or porch is a great place to spend your time in the warmer months, so it should be warm and inviting. I think that to beautify this space you need to utilize color. So here are 6 simple tips to make your patio pop!

Tip One // Seating: A lot of patio future I see is black or brown. I see a lot of black wrought iron and brown wooden furniture. Break away from these colors by giving these items a good painting. Here is a great tutorial for painting wrought iron.

Tip Two // Throw Pillows: You can always add some padding to your seating with some decorative and colorful pillows.

Tip Three // Bar Cart: A bar cart or a side table in a bright color would be great for displaying or holding whatever drink you are going to serve.

Tip Four // Rug: A beautiful rug can really liven up a space. Choose a bold color or print to really make the rug pop.

Tip Five // Flowers: What's better than natural beauty? Choose some pots in varying sizes and beautiful colors to add some nature and some beautiful flowers to or around your patio. You can even buy cheaper pots and then paint them the colors of your choice.

Tip Six // Decorations: Choose decorative accents to accentuate your space. Maybe some lanterns in different shapes and sizes in vibrant colors. You can even add some tealights in them to make them useful.

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