DIY Firework Drink Stirrers

Firework Drink Stirrers
diy firework drink stirrers
Can you believe we are less than a month away from celebrating Independence Day? It is crazy how fast this year is flying by. What are your plans for celebrating the Fourth of July? My entire family usually gets together for a barbecue.

Jessica made dozens of these firework drink stirrers over the weekend in preparation for celebrating. This craft is so easy and took only minutes to make.

Craft Firework Drink Stirrers
diy firework drink stirrers

The only supplies you need are metallic pipe cleaners, paper straws, wire-cutters, and scissors.

Cut each pipe cleaner into 4 equal pieces and then stuff as many as possible into each straw. I got 8 or 9 into each straw. If needed for your glasses use the scissors to trim each straw. Then simply shape the pipe cleaners as desired.

easy firework drink stirrers


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