What to Wear: Carefree Day

Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs Watch - Meow Tee - Kate Spade Studs - Coin Pendant - Miss Dior - Blue Shorts - Essie Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish - Leopard Print Sneakers - Saddlebag

What to Wear: Carefree Day
During the Summer I look forward to those carefree Summer days when I have absolutely nothing to do. Those few days when I have no errands to run, no chores around the house to finish up, and nothing planned to do. On those days I want to be comfortable and free to do or go wherever my mood strikes. Do I want to lounge around the house? run over to my best friends house? or make a trip to town to just browse for fun? This requires a comfortable and pretty look. What do you like to wear on your carefree Summer days?

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