What To Wear: Relaxed Weekend

what to wear on a casual weekend
back to summer basics
Classic Jean Jacket / Shift Dress (has pockets!) / Panama Hat / Necklace (beautiful color!) / Stud Earrings / Watch (love the minimalism) / Handbag / Sandals / The Summer Table

It is only Tuesday but I am already planning for the weekend. Summer does that to me. It is going to be so difficult being stuck inside the office the next couple months. It is times like this that I am jealous of Jessica job as a teacher.

During the weekends I typically believe in keeping it casual. I love that this dress is under $30 and has pockets. It would be the perfect outfit to wear while meeting friends for lunch or running errands. I do not any handbags with fringe but lately I find myself browsing for them online every few days. This one with its bucket shape looks like the ideal handbag.

Do you find being stuck inside at work difficult during summer months too?

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  1. That fringe bucket bag is adorable! I just posted a bunch of fringe bags I am loving right now : )


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