Summer Blacks

black for summer
black for summer
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Lace Top / Ruffled Jumpsuit (love this!) / Tie Shorts / Mesh Skirt / Chloe Tank (worth the investment) / Watch / Earrings (perfect) / Camisole / Fringe Skirt (so fun) / Jersey Dress / Mini Dress / Babydoll Dress / Sliders

The temperatures here have been sweltering lately so it probably is not ideal to go out dressed in head to toe black. Despite knowing that black fabrics retain heat much more than other shades I have been having a hard time resisting dressing in all black this summer. I am typically a girl who loves dressing in color and playing around with fun prints but lately basic black has been at the forefront of what I want to wear everyday.

The trick to wearing summer blacks is knowing that your favorite all black staples from fall and winter do not work during summer. It is all about your fabric choices. I always look for lighter, thinner fabrics to fight the heat. I have rounded up some of my favorite summer blacks like jumpsuit, this dress, and these shorts. I just stumbled across these earrings earlier today and I am in love with them.

Some more summer blacks:


  1. I wear black all year round so definitely appreciate a black piece that's cool enough for summer wear. I'm totally eyeing that Chloe tank here - it's beautiful.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I am all about black on black on black (as well as grays) (and whites) (and other neutrals). Moral of the story: this post speaks to me. Particularly the jumpsuits. !!!

  3. That skirt is gorgeous. I don't wear much black, but sometimes with some colour, it's perfect!!

  4. I wear black all year around. I love the dresses you pick.



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