Easy DIY Flower Crowns

diy flower crowns
Easy DIY Flower Crowns
What girl does not love a floral crown? They are totally impractical for me and I have no where to wear them to except the very rare outdoor music festival but that does not stop me from having a few sitting around my bedroom and occasionally wearing them with my jeans around the house. They instantly make me feel pretty, feminine, and to be totally honest kind of like a princess.

Several months ago we stumbled across a massive sale on faux flowers at Michael's. We stocked up on dozens upon dozens of fake blooms and I knew instantly that I wanted to make a flower crown. It wasn't until recently that we had the time to actually sit down and make the crowns.

Jessica and I made these easy DIY flower crowns a few weeks ago while having a Pretty Little Liars marathon. #DoNotJudge. We had them completely made in under an hour. I could not be happier with how they turned out. Pretty, colorful, and surprisingly sturdy.

I made my flower crown solely because I love how pretty they are but Jessica made her's with plans to wear it this Halloween as part of a fairy costume. When we were making them I learned that daisies are Jessica favorite flower.

You can find the simple steps for completing this easy DIY below.

easy diy flower crowns
diy flower crowns

Lots of Faux Flowers
Floral Wire
Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Wire Cutters
Floral Tape
Green Felt

easy diy flower crowns

1. Make a circle with the floral wire that is about 4 to 5 inches bigger than you need it for the circumference of your head. You will need it bigger because once you add the flowers they will take up the extra space.
2. Cut the floral wire the size needed with your wire cutters and secure it together well with the floral tape.
3. Separate your flowers from their stems. I chose to do a variety for different flowers in a specific color scheme while Jessica decided to stick to daisies for your floral crown.
4. Glue your flowers close together using hot glue gun. Make sure there is no spaces or gaps between your flowers.
5. To prevent the hot glue once it is cooled off from tugging on your hair I found it necessary to go back and add small circular piece of felt to the back of the glued on flowers. You should do this step as you go.
6. Set your crown aside and allow to dry completely.

diy flower crowns
diy floral crowns
easy diy floral crowns


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