How to Create The Perfect Book Nook

How to Create The Perfect Book Nook

Maybe you remember that Tracy and I started a book club with our sister Tiffany and our best friends a several months ago? We both are avid readers. We are constantly ordering books from Amazon, picking out armloads of books from discount racks, and we are frequent visitors to the library. We buy, borrow, and trade books. Books are swapped between us and our friends so much that we all always have a stack of books to read. Do you enjoy reading? It is seriously my favorite hobby. What's not to love about it? You can learn tons of new things, visit far off places (or completely imaginary worlds), and it's so much fun!

If my future home could have a library in it I would be tickled pink. I know it might not be reasonable to think that I could some day have a library all of my very own, but my home would definitely have to have a comfy spot for reading. If I can't have a library, I definitely need a cozy book nook.

The perfect book nook for a book worm like me would have to be a comfy spot with lots of light. If it could be by a window it would be awesome to have the natural light streaming in. I also imagine that this would be "my spot" as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory would say. It would be decorated to suit my needs. So what would the perfect book nook need?

ONE // White Book Shelf: If I can't have a library, I need at least one book shelf to display all of my favorite books. My favorites include Pride and Prejudice and the Harry Potter series. This shelf would contain books that I love to reread.

TWO // Pink Stripe Pillow: Pillows are a must because comfort is key. I can read for hours at a time, if no one disturbs me.

THREE // Classic Book Set: Pretty books like these could find a home on my shelves. I love the classics, fantasy books, and mysteries.

FOUR // Diamond Print Chair: A beautiful and comfortable chair is also key. A chair is enough for this spot, because when you are reading you don't need other people sitting around you trying to talk to you. I love chairs that are pretty prints like this one.

FIVE // Table Lamp: You can't read if you can't see. Lamps like this would be great for an end table beside my chair.

SIX // Pink End Table: An end table is needed next to my comfy chair to hold things like a lamp, the book I am currently reading, or my cup of coffee.

SEVEN // Gold Agates: Beautiful agates like these would make excellent bookends for my book shelf. Last Thanksgiving I purchased a set similar to these while Tracy and I were in NYC for the holiday.

EIGHT // Emerald Lattice Print Rug: A rug like this one adds a pop of color to my book nook. Also on those cold Winter days it will keep my feet off the cold hard wood floor.

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  1. This is so cute- I wish I had space for a reading nook in my current apartment. Also, I love those Penguin classic editions!


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