The Prettiest Office Supplies

The Prettiest Office Supplies

One of my favorite things in this house is my desk. When I need to escape from the main living areas and get away from everyone, I can always find peace and quiet at my desk. It was honestly one of the best things I have ever asked for. I have space to work on things for school, space to blog at, and space to work on my projects. It also provides a place for me to read when I need quiet, a place for me to jot down my ideas, or a place for me to color or get crafty. I like to keep my desk neat and tidy, but it's constantly in a state of confusion. I will have multiple projects or things I am working on covering my desk and then the chaos gets to me and I finally organize it and clean it off. I work much better with a clean desk and feel like I complete tasks easier and much quicker.

My desk at school stays much neater than the one I have at home. At school I usually tidy up my desk at the end of each day to keep it from getting chaotic. My school desk is also much larger than my desk at home, so I much more space and drawers to keep things organized. In my desk drawers at school I have lots of nifty office supplies. One thing I am a sucker for is cute office supplies. It's hard for me to go shopping and not come home with something new for my desk. Here are some of my favorite items from around the web. I own a few of these and would love to own all of the others.

ONE // Ban.do Agenda. I love the vibrant floral pattern. My current Lilly Pulitzer agenda is good until the end of the year though, maybe a Ban.do agenda will be my next one?

TWO // Set of 10 Mini Notebooks. I have a ton of mini notebooks, because I always carry one in my bag to jot down quick thoughts and ideas. I like this colorful set of notebooks, you could even use a different color for different reasons.

THREE // Dry Erase Calendar. This would make scheduling a breeze because you would always be able to see important dates in the blink of an eye.

FOUR // Kate Spade Pencil Cup. I love the metallic gold on this and the cute design.

FIVE // Floral Pencils. Cute pencils and pens are something I am always picking up. My students are always impressed with my collection.

SIX // Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips. I also love cute shaped paper clips. Right now I am using some apple shaped ones at school.

SEVEN // Golden Alphabet Tray. A cute tray like this one would be perfect for displaying some cute supplies on plus they would be within easy reach.

EIGHT // Cute notebooks like this Zebra Notebook or Customized Floral Notebook. I love buying pretty notebooks too. I have several that I am using for various reasons right now. One is for making plans for my classes, one is for blogging, and one is for the classes that I am taking.

NINE // Desk Organzier and File Folders. A desk organizer and cute file folders are a pretty way to keep papers organized.

TEN // Waterford Clock. A clock is perfect for any desk so that you can keep track of time and deadlines.

ELEVEN // Kate Spade Pencil Pouch. With all of those cute pens and pencils I own, I of course need a pretty pencil pouch to keep them organized if they are not in my pencil cup.

Do you have any favorite office supplies? Are there certain supplies you always keep on hand because they are your favorites? Here are a few more of my favorites:

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  1. Such beautiful selections. I love them all!

  2. It's back-to-school office supply shopping for adults- and I love it! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. cute notebooks


  4. I use Poppin products at my work desk which makes things so nice and colorful These choices are very nice as well, I would take one of each!!

  5. OMG great post, can't wait to read the next one!!
    Thanks a bunch for your support on my blog

  6. this makes me want to redo my entire office!

  7. That zebra notebook is so cute! I like how colourful everything is, and it looks like it will be so easy to keep organised with everything! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. OMG stationary heaven! I have deets on a kikki-k stationary comp on at the moment. you would love it. I sort of want everything

    Pixelhazard| Bright Green Laces |

  9. These are very pretty office supplies; I like that they are so colorful and the floral designs on some of the items are so cute.


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