5 Investment Pieces For Work

5 investment pieces for work
5 Investment Pieces For Work
Dressing to impress is important at work. I consider myself lucky that my job is rather flexible in what I can wear to the office most days. Except for days involving important meetings or time spent in court everyone is free to wear fairly casual clothing. Despite this I have always felt that it is important for all women to have a few investment pieces that can help pull them through any situation. Below I have listed my top 5 pieces that are worth an investment.

5 Investment Pieces For Work

ONE // The Perfect Suit. Spring for a triple threat comprised of a jacket, skirt, and pants. Make sure it is well tailored and also take advantage of wearing the pieces separately too.

TWO // Gold Watch. This is not the time for a digital watch. Choose a fancy watch that is great quality. I like ones with simplistic designs and slightly oversized.

THREE // Trench Coat. Sometimes all people see is your outwear so it needs to be nice. A trench coat is a classic shape that never goes out of style.

FOUR // Fabulous Heels. Choose shoes with a medium heel that are comfortable enough for running around in all day. The first color to purchase is black. Every woman needs black heels.

FIVE // Leather Tote. Your tote should be in a neutral for versatility and large enough to carry papers home in. Avoid "it bags" and go for a bag with minimum hardware and with some structure. Since it will be something you use almost everyday it is worth investing in a beautiful bag that will last for year. I previously posted about totes here.

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  1. Lovely selections; all the pieces featured are very classy and elegant. The bag is my absolute favorite.

  2. These are definitely my staple work investment pieces - and I love the items you picked out!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. I couldn't agree more with gold watches that slightly oversized. In fact I can't get enough of them :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  4. I have a lot of these items in my closet


  5. yep, you have all the right pieces here for building a great work wardrobe.


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