Chic Halloween Decorations

chic halloween deocrations
halloween decorations
Chic Halloween Decorations
Welcome Pumpkin / Wildebeest Skull / Bountiful Wreath / Beware Marquee Sign / Cobra Figurines / Crow In Cage / Halloween Bottles / Bronze Leaf Lights / Feather Wreath (love this!) / Lantern / Skull Totem / Bat Mobile (so perfect) / Spooky Party Tapers / Wire Hanging Crow / Alligator Skull / Gold Skull / Pumpkins

It is kind of funny but I love Halloween so much more as an adult as I ever did as a child. As a child I never found it fun dressing up in costumes and going to strangers houses asking for candy. It is hard to explain my total turn around but now I love Halloween. I get almost giddy as it approaches. This year Jessica and I are having our second annual Halloween party. I just dropped the invitations in the mail today.

Now it is time to start decorating. I add a few new decorations to my Halloween collection every year. Above are a few things I am currently eyeing. This bat mobile and wreath are at the top of my list.

Are you excited for Halloween too? Do you have your costume yet? I plan to be Red Riding Hood.


  1. Hello from Spain: great halloween decorations .. We keep in touch

  2. Loving these cool decor pieces for Halloween!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. love the gold and white pumpkins.


  4. Maybe this year we'll celebrate so little Lukas gets a taste of Halloween! His first one!

  5. I have never been into Halloween that much but I do love the sweet treats and decor that goes along with it!

  6. Those pumpkins are adorable. I was thinking I'd paint a real one, but since those are exactly my style and only $8 at target...
    Chic on the Cheap


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