Chit Chat: Positive Thoughts

Chit Chat: Positive Thoughts

Sometimes it is just so easy to become so bogged down at work that you become completely stressed out. A little over a week ago, I realized that I was stressing out way too much. So much so, that I was not having fun. I was in fact miserable. Usually, I'm not a worrier or someone who stresses out. Just ask Tracy, she stresses out because I'm not stressing out when she thinks we both should be. It's the beginning of the school year, which is always busy. We have after school meetings about new schedules, electing new committee members, and the dreaded upcoming fair week.

Anyway, enough about the nightmares of Fair Week. So, I have been majorly stressing out in anticipation of it and all the other stuff going on. I just felt like there was so much to do and get ready for and not enough time. Then in the evenings after getting home several hours later than normal, I am so drained that I haven't felt like doing anything else.

After feeling like this for about a week, I decided something had to change. I hated that I was stressing out and not having any fun. Normally, I love my job and have lots of fun teaching the kids. So, I decided I was not going to focus on the bad things. I was not going to focus on all of the stuff that needed to get done or on the people who would be coming to observe. Instead, I was going to focus on the good. I was going to find one good thing about each day to be grateful for.

Each day I have two classes, and then my planning period before I finish the day with 4 more classes. I decided that during my planning I was going to spend five minutes thinking about the morning and find something good that had happened. Then at the end of the day before coming home I was going to think about the whole day and pick one good thing that happened and record it in my journal. That way, I could leave work on a positive note.

Here are the positive things I recorded:

Wednesday // One of the kids gave me an origami rose today that they had made for me because I was their favorite teacher.

Thursday // The assistant principal had a couple of work study students who needed placements and he asked if I would like a student assistance! This student can help me out by making copies, running errands, and tutoring students in my room!

Friday // One of my 7th period students stays after class every day to help me straighten the room back up.

Saturday // Book Club was awesome. We were all present and had a great time!

Sunday // My brother volunteered to drive me to town so that I could run a few errands.

Monday // No work! I was able to rest and replenish.

Tuesday // Jennifer and I had to drive an hour to class tonight and she volunteered to drive us! I love this because I hate driving.

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  1. Hi there, I completely understand your feeling. Sometimes you feel like you're stressing out over things that are just not worth the battle... Why do we stress so much when we know we might not be able to fix things, and we're just making ourselves feel worse than we should? Sometimes I just take a deep breath and think of what I can do in the week to make myself feel better:) It usually has to do with going out to eat or drinks, or getting a pedicure:)


  2. wowwww che meraviglia....

  3. send you a hug


  4. I'm glad everything seems to be getting better! K & I have been extra stressed lately too, but for no REAL reason. It's weird!! Anyway, we downloaded this awesome app called Stop Breathe & Think and it's little meditations that you can do. It really helps – we usually do it before bed or after waking up. You girls should try it!

    xo, B


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