Weekend Style Rules

how to dress on the weekend
Weekend Style Rules
After getting dressed for work all week on the weekends I find it so easy to feel myself reverting to how I dressed in my college days. I seriously have a few pieces of clothing that are so comfortable and that I love wearing on the weekends but they should never be seen outside my house. While I fully support being comfy it doesn't hurt to also put a little effort into your look. Over the last few months I have developed a few weekend style rules that I have been practicing. I have found that following these few simple rules I feel more posh, put-together, and more confident when I run into people I know.

ONE// Restrict "house clothes" to the house. Leave ratty sweats and faded, stretched out shirts in the house. Even if you are just running to the grocery store take a few minutes to put on some jeans, a clean shirt, and some lipstick.

TWO // Use Saturday and Sundays as days to experiment with your style. Weekends are great times to try out new looks, pieces, and accessories. It is kind of like having fun playing dress up while testing items to see if they fit your personal style and can be incorporated regularly into how you dress.

THREE // It is also the time to try out new hairstyles and makeup. I love finding tutorials for new hairstyles and makeup. On the weekends I can find a little extra time to give them a try.

FOUR // Don't go the oversized route. Fitted and body-skimming shapes are always more attractive than baggy.

FIVE // Have at least four good quality, basic t-shirts that fit well and feel great. I think at a minimum you should have at least two white, one black, and one gray basic tee in a cut that flatters you best. These t-shirts can be worn alone or layered under basically everything.

SIX // Other basics are important too. Stock up on other basics. Items I consider necessities are dark jeans, boyfriend jeans, nicely fitting pants in a print, a striped tee, cotton sweaters, a simple dress in a playful color, and a casual jacket.

SEVEN // Avoid black. I love black and it is my go to when I need to be more dressy but weekends are a good time to move away from the formal connotations associated with black and have fun wearing colors and prints.

EIGHT // Keep your toes pretty. Having well pedicure feet and painted toes (a bright pink is my typical go-to) makes me feel so pretty even when I am running around barefoot in a tee and shorts at home.

NINE // Switch up your handbags on the weekend. During the week I usually stick to structured totes but on the weekends I like switching up to fun clutches, bucket bags, and crossbody bags.

TEN // Stay true to what fits your body. This is the most important rule. While weekends are about being relaxed, having fun, and experimenting stick to pieces and trends that look good on your body and flatter you.

Do you have your own weekend style rules? If so please share.

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  1. Hello from Spain: During the weekend I like to sort my closet. Your rules are perfect. Happy weekend. Keep in touch

  2. These are great, I could do with a new hairstyle and maybe even a colour too...it's getting boring, haha!! Happy weekend dollfaces xx

  3. These are great tips! The only one I'd disagree with is the fourth one, I love me a baggy/oversized tee, haha! :) I'm short though so I always have to tuck it into something so it doesn't overwhelm me! :P That's probably why you advise against it....

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Well I have the jacket and the leggings and the bag now all I need is a cool graphic tee! Great post.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  5. Wow, what a nice outfit :) It looks so pretty


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