Stylish for Less: Under $50

Floral Bow Peplum Dress $35 so gorgeous - Black Quilted Crossbody $35 - Coral Midi Dress $37 - Biker Jacket $49.99 add some edge - Blazer $34.99 - Bow Flats $28.33 - Bird Patterned Blouse $24.99
Stylish for Less: Under $50

Let's face it, we all want to look good. When you are beautifully dressed, you just feel better about yourself. Being in an outfit that you love just gives you a little confidence booster that helps you all day long. Don't you have that favorite look in your closet that you wear when you know you are going to need a little boost that day? Why not make all your looks favorites? Well, for one thing clothes are expensive and not all of us have the adequate funds to just go out and buy everything we love. That's when you have to get creative. Check out all of your favorite shops and even try some new places. Look online for the best deals. Check out secondhand stores for great buys.

I think all of the above pieces could be incorporated into looks that would definitely boost my mood. The best thing about all of them is that they are all under $50, with the majority of them being under $35. My absolute favorite item in the collage above is this dress. At under $40 it is an absolute steal, don't you agree? With some great black heels, a black bag, and some simple gold studs it would make a perfect look for work. Maybe even add a black blazer. My second favorite piece above is this. It wouldn't really be for work, but I could definitely see myself wearing it all the time outside of work. Running errands, going to a concert, hanging out with friends- all of these would be perfect opportunities.


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