For When You're Feeling Under the Weather

For When You're Feeling Under the Weather
I have been under the weather since Thursday night. I have a very stuffy nose and head. It seems like it is hard to hear because of the congestion. I have just felt very tired and unmotivated. When I am feeling under the weather, I just want to stay at home to relax and rest. I don't want to go to work and I definitely don't feel like being around crowds of people. When I'm sick, I have certain items that are a must to making me feel better. Don't you?

ONE // Throw: I need a comfy blanket like this Banded Herringbone Throw. I am never cold unless I'm sick, so a comfy throw to snuggle up in is a must for me.

TWO // Lip Balm: I definitely need something like this Sugar Lip Balm to keep my lips from drying out. When I am constantly coughing, like I have been, I need something to add some moisture to my lips.

THREE // Mug : Whenever you are sick, everyone tells you to make sure to drink plenty of fluids. Why not have an adorable coffee mug like this Owl Mug? It even has a cute message inside it.

FOUR // Pajamas: This is absolutely the most important item on the list. When you feel bad, you absolutely need to be in comfy pajamas to help you relax and rest. Cute pajamas like this Heidi Klum Pajama Set will definitely help you be comfy and cute.

FIVE // Comfy Spot: Once you have assembled all of the other items here you need to find a comfy spot to relax and get better in. It could be somewhere like this Miramar Chair or a plush couch or even your bed.

SIX // House Slippers: You also need something like these Pom Pom Slippers to keep your feet warm.

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  1. I don't use slippers when I'm home, but those ones are too cute!

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