Chit Chat: Holiday Calendar

Chit Chat: Holiday Calendar
I don't know about you, but my holiday is looking very busy this year. Very busy and lots of fun. My weekends have been booked since November started with get-togethers and holiday fun. I guess really it has been busy since the end of October with our Halloween party. I love having so many plans with family and friends but it has meant that I work extra hard during the week so that I have things taken care of before the weekend starts. I have really had to be on top of things that work and school and does not suffer.

November began with book club which is always a blast and really a weekend affair. We enjoy good food, book discussions, and board games all weekend long. Then the whole family went on a weekend getaway to the Smokey Mountains. This was followed by a weekend shopping extravaganza with a group of the girls (friends and family). We shopped hard and accomplished a lot of Christmas shopping and we all bought a present or two for ourselves. We deserved a treat!

Then Thanksgiving weekend was upon us. Tracy and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen getting things ready. We are basically on dessert and side dishes duty and mom always takes care of the turkey and ham. We started Thanksgiving off with a lunch at my grandmas house, then followed it with dinner at our mom's house. Then most people dispersed to go shopping. Tracy and I hung out and did some online shopping this year instead of going out to fight the crowds. I am now finished with all of my Christmas shopping. I have marked all my family, relatives, co-workers, and friends off my list.

My busy schedule is not over yet though. Next weekend our family will head to Northern Kentucky for a Christmas party thrown by my aunt's family. They came to our Halloween party and decided to throw a Christmas party this year so that we could all get together and party again! It is sure to be loads of fun and with lots of food, and this time I don't have to do any of the preparations! It couldn't get any better. Then the following weekend we will be attending the Nutcracker ballet performance. Tracy and I began this several years ago and after the first performance we declared it was going to be a Christmas tradition for us from now on. This year our other sister Tiffany is going to go with us. I'm sure she will love it! Then the last weekend in December, before Christmas, will be spent baking various treats and making candy and fudge. This is another tradition for our family. We always make a ton of sweet treats and then distribute them to relatives and friends to enjoy before Christmas.

My calendar is definitely full. What are your upcoming plans?

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  1. I am totally happy for the holiday season. Can't wait for it! I have also lots of plans!

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  2. As of right now I have no plans


  3. Holidays best time of the year!!! :)))



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