What To Wear: To A Christmas Party

christmas party clothes
what to wear: to a christmas party
Collarless Coat / Embellished Sweater / Flute Glass / Flower Drop Earrings / Crystal Bracelet / NARS Lipstick - Jungle Red / My Burberry Festive / Gold Pleat Midi Skirt / Evening Belles Lucinda Clutch / Bow Pumps

Wow, the first few days back at work after a holiday are rough. Now I am officially in the mindset where I want to be doing nothing but relaxing and celebrating the holidays not stuck behind a desk for hours and hours. Not to mention that I am not a fan of 5 am wake ups.

This upcoming Saturday Jessica and I are traveling out of town to attend our first Christmas party of the season. Over the last month I have been collecting a sizable amount of holiday party appropriate attire, including a skirt similar to this gold pleated midi skirt. It looks so pretty on and the gold is so festive. I have been swooning over this clutch for months. It also comes in several other colors.

My social calendar is booked until mid-January. It is going to be busy but this next month is going to be fun. Plus, only 3 more weeks of work and then I have a full 2 weeks off to relax and enjoy the holidays. Will you be attending any Christmas parties this year?


  1. I have a few parties lined up but they're all really informal - which is sad because all the great things in this post really make me want to dress up!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. This is a stunning outfit - I love the metallic skirt and all the embellishments on the top!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  3. beautiful outfit


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