Mad About Plaid

Plaid Blanket Scarf - Reversible Plaid Cape i love both sides - Plaid Button Up Shirt - Plaid Wool Coat - Plaid Loafers beautiful - Bomber Jacket perfect for a casual day - Biker Skirt - Oversized Shirtdress love it - Tory Burch Wallet - Slip On Sneakers

Mad About Plaid
When the colder seasons hit, I find myself putting up the floral prints and the polka dots and reaching more for my stripes and my plaids. I have now found myself in the position where I have only one plaid item in my whole entire wardrobe! I know, how could I let it come to this? The plaid top that own is a new favorite of mine. It is a button up top and I wear it with my favorite jeans constantly when I don't have to work. Do you love plaid? Do you have a favorite piece? My favorites would have to be this bomber jacket that would be perfect on casual days and these loafers that would be perfect for work.

Since I have gotten myself down to just one plaid item, I have spent some time looking for replacement pieces. I love everything above and it is just so too hard to pick only one favorite. I would love to splurge and buy everything up there, but right now I am on a necessities only budget. I have spent a lot of money over this past month to buy Christmas presents for everyone and now I need to save some money so that I can pay my credit card off. Then I can revisit this post and decide what plaid item I would like. Which one is your favorite? What would you buy?

Check out these other options for going plaid:


  1. i love plaid, too!!! i was obsessed last year and bought so many shirts. would love to add a plaid scarf this year.

  2. Love the shirtdress. I gogt a couple of those, and I love how you can wear them casual, or how you can make them a bit more edgy by wearing fake leather leggings, and some bright red lipstick!

  3. love plaid this time of year


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