Right as Rain

During this time of year there is one thing every girl wishes she had…… and that is a cute pair of rain boots. Due to the rainy, gloomy, muddy days you need a pair of rain boots to keep your feet warm and dry. While other shoes would require a lot of effort to dry and clean after wearing them in the rain, rain boots just need to be wiped off and they are good as new. When I mention rain boots I know we all think back to those bright yellow rain boots and those bright yellow rain jackets, but gone are the boring rain boots of yesterday. Today there are masses of cute rain boots in a multitude of colors, designs, and prints. Below I have listed some cute rain boots that I found online:
Pink Poppy Print Rain Boots $30 from target.com
Blue Print Sperry Rain Boots $68 from nordstrom.com
McGibbon Black Floral Rain Boots $25 from target.com
Kamik Janis Rain Boots $60 amazon.com
Chooka Heart Print Rain Boots $60 from nordstrom.com
Retro Birdie Rain Boots $20 from target.com This is my favorite pair!!!
Green Magic Carpet Rain Boots $20 from target.com
Plaid Rain Boots $25 from target.com

Have fun in the rain,

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