On Cloud Nine

Below is a few of the things that make me happy this week. Sparklers. Everyone's loved these since they were little childern. I still love swirling them around in the darkness. Have you ever made anything near this fabulous with sparklers? I ♥ my iPod. It is almost always with me. Downloading new music is always something that I look forward to. It's amazing how downloading a few new songs can instantly perk up my day. The last few nights I've sent a little while each evening watching the fireflies outside. They are like twinkling Christmas lights. I normally just drink water. But occasionally I love some pink lemonade. I cannot stand being too hot so in the summer fans and air conditioning are a necessity for me. I'm always experimenting with different nail polish colors. It is an inexpensive way to change your look. Silly dancing is a great way to have fun and burn off extra energy. Plus it is an added reason to crank up the music on the iPod. Silly dancing is great. Especially when it is giraffes doing it.

♥ Sunny

via: We Heart It


  1. I love the fireflies! That's an amazing shot.

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. Yes the fireflies! They remind me of Owl City's song. :D Haha great post! Really cute, and i'm totally with you on the nail polish :D


  3. Sparklers are my fave. They just remind me of summers spent with friends and having fun. I think I love them even more when they're in the shape of an octopus!

  4. OOh I didn't see this! GREAT GREAT! really cool
    Love iiiit

    Thank you once again for your nice comments. Lovely.

    Have a nice Saturday
    Keep following
    Love, Johanna

  5. wow sweet pics! love the octupus and fireflies! and where did u find those awesome headphones, they are adorable! ok im gonna calm down, follow ur blog, and tell u to check out mine at mermaidnotebook.com thx!


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