10 Items for 10 or Under

Here is 10 great items for $10 or under. No need for water or for rinsing. These are great for freshening your breath on the go. Wisp $7.79 @ drugstore.com These are great for a nice, relaxing bath. 1/3 of a bar makes a ton of bubbles. lushusa.com has a great variety of bubble bars ranging in price for from $5.95 to $9.95. My favorite is Flosty Glitter. My hair is subject to some rough treat and Aveeno Nourish + Style Leave In Conditioner helps repair all of the damage and makes my hair smooth and shiny. $6.99 @ drugstore.com These come in 4 great scents that are wonderful for summer. Victoria Secret Pink Life is Pink Rollerball Fragance $10.00 @ victoriassecret.com Everyone knows you need sunscreen for your skin but your lips are often over looked. The skin on your lips is very sensitive and needs SPF protection too. I like Softlips because not only does it provide SPF but it also conditions my lips while giving them a hint of color. Softlips 2 pack $3.69 @ drugstore.com Pretty Feet and Hands Rough Skin Remover works wonders on my feet and that is very important especially when it is sandal season. $6.99 @ drugstore.com I've had a difficult time finding a mascara that I truly like. With most I try there is often trouble with flaking. But this mascara never flakes and makes my lashes look very long. CoverGirl LashBlast Length $5.84 @ drugstore.com It also comes in water resistent. Tans look great but I don't want the wrinkles, not to mention the skin cancer associated with tanning beds or laying in the sun. Jergens Natural Glow $8.49 @ drugstore.com I've mentioned my love for nail polish on this blog before. The color of polish you choose can instantly change your mood and look. Essie Polish $8.00 @ drugstore.com If you have oily skin like me these can be a life saver. You can use them anytime to easily blot any oil away without messing up your makeup. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets $5.99 @ drugstore.com

What are your favorite beauty bargains?

♥ Sunny


  1. great to see what you get in the usa for your money:)

  2. amazing choices! i love sally hansens nail polish for $3 at any drugstore!


  3. roll on scents sound neat!
    i love softlips!(:
    i have used jergens natural glow in the past, but i just find it a hassle to apply every day, and it doesn't always look the best. and then when you do stop applying it, it gradually fades and gives you a funny color. sad to say, but i prefer the sun to it:/ [i dont lay out to tan though] i just get tan from being outside!

  4. Omg! Sally Hansen's $3 over there? Its $12.90 here in Singapore! ): The VS roll on scent sounds like a great idea, and packaging's lovely too! I like st tropez's tanning lotion :D

    Your post on cupcakes look delicious too! I'm still looking for a good electric mixer to invest in haha.

    And thanks so much for the sweet comment, as well as the encouragement! (: I really needed that; it just made my day <3



  5. nice post,
    and thank you so much for the award,
    i really appreciate it, so lovely ♥

  6. cool x


  7. so cute hahah, (i know it might sound weirdo) i like the second picture, it sure smells good too..

  8. This post was super helpful! I am totally going to pick up the Essie nailpolish and the clean and clear oil absorbing sheets.

    Btw dears, I created a new blog cuz I will be deleting my old one, please follow me there if you can: http://fashionandbeautylights.blogspot.com/

    Thank you,


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