Sorry that we haven't posted in a few days, but we have been super busy! We went on a weekend shopping trip! We left home bright and early on Saturday morning. After we picked our brother up and made it back to Lexington we went shopping! We ate lunch at Giovannis. Then some more shopping. After a while we needed a break and went to the movie theater, where we watched Despicable Me. It was a cute, animated movie. My favorite part was when Gru won the unicorn for the littlest girl. Here is a picture of that:Photobucket
I really liked the minions too. They were so funny and followed Gru's lead.
Sunday we spent the day shopping. We made it home last night. While we were on our shopping trip stores that we went to included: Macys, Gordmans, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, Claire's, Target, FYE, and Walden's Books. I ended up spending a lot of money and buying quite a few things. Some of my favorite purchases are my owl necklace that I bought from Claire's, the books I bought, and the flower decorations that I bought at Gordmans.

We had so much fun, but we were so tired when we got home. How did you spend your weekend?



  1. Shopping sounds amazing! I just got back from the mall today. I got books too! But they are mostly for school.

    And I got your comment :) I thought of the calender idea, and I really like the inspiring quotes and list idea too! Didn't think of that one. Thanks!

    xo, gina

  2. 'its so FLUFFY!!'

    i love gordmans!

    we're going to mackinac island, which is in michigan. im excited!

  3. Sooo cuuuuuuuuute. I'm shopaholic

  4. hey you there, thanks for your lovely and very pleasant to read comment on my post previously...i love it so much..
    anyway, you've already watch the movie...sound fantastic really wanna watch it might as well..but later ;)
    by the way, i love everything that u write here because its sound cheerful (opss im sorry if my english is very poor dear)
    chiow now... xoxo

  5. Well; I'm a shopaholic....

    Cute pics:)


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