Honesty Award

A few days ago we were awarded the Honesty Award. We would like to thank Regan for the award! Her blog A Fairytale of Photos is amazing. If you want to see some gorgeous, inspirational photos you should definitely check out her blog.

For this award we have to answer the following questions:
1. Share one thing that nobody knows about you.
There is a certain someone we would like to tell off if it wouldn't affect one of our jobs.
2. What is your biggest regret in life?
That we have not been more outgoing and outspoken in our daily lives.
3. What would you do with $1,000?
We are planning to go to NYC for a week next summer and $1,000 would help cover some of our costs.

We pass the Honesty Award on to...Jacque at A Quirky Girl’s Thoughts and Charleston at The Pin Stripe Prince.

Sunny & Star

Via:We Heart It


  1. congrats! i also wanted to let you know that i tagged you for another award, the versatile blogger. You can see it at my blog :)

    xo, gina

  2. You deserve it girls! :D Hope you'll have fun at NYC! ((: Do take lots of peekchers!
    And I've yet to watch despicable me. Aw, but the reviews look good, and your post make me want to watch it even more haha. :D

    Thanks so much for your comment too! Yay it made me so happy hahaha. :D I always look forward to comments from you guys. <3



  3. Oh lovely pieces. Have great fun in NYC .)))

  4. What an adorable award! Thank you so much!! I will definitely put it on my blog!


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