You're the Cat's Pajamas

After a long day a long stressful day I look forward to nothing more than going home and slipping into my pajamas. The comfy, cute pajamas instantly help me relax. Pajamas are definite mood lifters, at least for me. They are also give us another great opportunity to look fashionable or at least cute. Look 1:
Sleeping Mask esquebeauty.com
Old Navy Terry Thong Slippers $11 - oldnavy.gap.com
Floral Decorative Pillow $13 - target.com
Stretch-silk camisole $150 - net-a-porter.com
Gap Plaid pajama pants $20 - gap.com

Look 2:
Victoria's Secret sleep mask use.com
Amour Lounge silk-satin camisole $225 - net-a-porter.com
Amour Lounge silk-satin boy shorts $125 - net-a-porter.com
Rosette Accent Slippers $70 - yesstyle.com
Love Cushion $175 - calypso-celle.com
Look 3:
Striped Henley Lace Cami $12 - aeropostale.com
Printed Roll-Up Lounge Pants $15 - oldnavy.gap.com
ACORN Biba Slipper $43 - endless.com
Decorative Pillow $20 - target.com

Look 4:
Ralik Necking Purple Tee $16 - zumiez.com
Gap Star pajama pants $20 - gap.com
deLux Animal Slippers $32 - amazon.com
Charm School Dec Pillow $26 - wakeupfrankie.com
Eye mask awholelottastuff.ca

Look 4 is a little quirky but sometimes it is important to embrace your quirky side and have some fun with it.

For a more romantic, flirty look try something similar the items below.
Look 5:
Black Night Dress Journelle Inc $139 - journelle.com
Dentelle lace and mesh briefs $30 - net-a-porter.com
Tarina Tarantino Heart Post Earrings $46 - zappos.com

Look 6:
Sheer Black Night Dress Journelle Inc $600 - journelle.com
Lace Ribbon Lace Front Bow Ribbon $3.79 - peacocks.co.uk

Look 7:
Black Robe Journelle Inc $358 - journelle.com
Pink Night Dress with Lace Trim Journelle Inc $94 - journelle.com
Pink and Black Lace Journelle Inc $24 - journelle.com
Tarina Tarantino Heart Bracelet $67 - zappos.com
Tarina Tarantino Heart Ring $46 - zappos.com

Look 8
Robe Journelle Inc $358 - journelle.com
Pointelle cotton-blend night dress $85 - net-a-porter.com
Pink Briefs Journelle Inc $64 - journelle.com

I love how these looks are so feminine. I especially adore all of the pieces from Journelle.
After last week's crazy, busy weekend now I am longing for a couple lazy days filled with curling up on the sofa with a ton of movies and blankets. Days where there is no reason to rush to get out of my pajamas.

♥ Sunny

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  1. pajamas are just genius comfort. I really adore the first look you came up with! and I simply love the giraffe shirt.

    fantastic post!!

    xo, gina

  2. i loveeee pjs! especially when its winter and i can wear my sweats from victorias secret!!


  3. Ooo, like the first photo, wish that was me right now, aha! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, glad to have come across yours!

  4. ohhh you made me want to sleep now

  5. ahh these are so cute! I wish my pjs looked like that! Oh well, I might go pyjama shopping soon! They are so comfy! Thanks for this post darling, it gave me ideas!

  6. Hello lovely!
    I'm sorry for the really late reply!! I've been so so busy I hate it!
    Reading this has made me a bit sleepy! Especially at this time haha!
    The last picture sums be up in general haha! I really do ought to something.. but i'm wearing my PJs. oh well. I wish i had some gorgeous nightwear - I might hit La Senza and get some cute shorts and tee's. I loove the nude combo near the top best!

    Love, Ruth x

  7. I looove getting home and getting into sweatpants or pjs! Love that last picture, haha! x

  8. great post.. love first photo..cuate stuff.

    tks for leave comment in my blog, i;'ve become one of ur follower now :)
    hope you can follow me back..


    hug and kiss ^^


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