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So someone had asked about the instructions for the origami pieces that I had pictured in my last post. The pictures posted are not actual pictures of origami that I have made, but I have the instructions for them. Instructions for the Triceratops pictured above can be found by clicking!
The Orichid Gives you the step by step instructions and diagrams to follow to make an orchid and the stem for the orchid. You would just need to make as many as you wanted for your bowl or vase.
The Orichid Video More advanced form of the orchids. The videos here give you step by step instructions while allowing you to watch someone make the flowers. This type of orchid is more difficult to make than the other and will take more time and effort to make, especially if you want to make multiple flowers.
As for the unicorn that I had pictured. If you want the diagrams and instructions for it you will need Origami Essence by Roman Diaz. I have searched online and I cannot find instructions for this unicorn, but you can search and find similar ones the mane just won't look the same.

Hope this helps.

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