Tick Tock

Sometimes we are all controlled by the time or how much we have of it, whether it is an upcoming deadline, what time we are meeting our friends for lunch, or is it time for that meeting yet. At work I need to keep up with time so that I get everything accomplished that I wanted to that day. I also have to keep up with time so that I am not late to work. Outside of work I need to keep track of time too. I want to catch my favorite show on tv, meet my friends on time, and when is it time to get those cookies out of the oven. We have so many options for how we can keep track of time too.

Look 1
I love this zebra print skirt! Also, here is a great beaded watch. I love that it is not like a regular leather or metal banded watch.
Look 2
This dress is so cute and the bow heels complete the look. Instead of a regular watch this look has an unique ring watch!

Camisole Top $39 johnlewis.com
Zebra Print Tiered Skirt $22 rue21.com
Silver-Tone Charm Bracelet Watch $41 endless.com
Anne Michelle Ankle Boots $28 cutesygirl.com
ASOS Multi Stars Necklace $8.43 asos.com
Frolick Tick Tock Clock Ring $43 maxandchloe.com
Leigh Knit Dress $40 delias.com
Showcase Heel $40 modcloth.com

Looks 3 & 4
Both of this looks are paired with a clock pendant necklace. The first necklace is very feminine with the heart and key too. The second necklace is a cute little robot with a clock stomach. I think it is so adorable.

Helen Crochet Dress $45 delias.com
Ruffle Ballet Flat $14 urbanog.com
Clock Cluster Rope Necklace $35 topshop.com
Oasis Diamante Owl Ring $17 asos.com
Felicity $24 abercrombie.com
Gap Peace Bermuda shorts $15 gap.com
Wind Me Up Necklace $25 modcloth.com
Brown studded ankle boots $70 debenhams.com

In this polyvore I wanted to show a variety of beautiful ways to tell time. I am a huge fan of the charm bracelets that have a small clock as one of the charms. I think this a great way to show your personality, by the other charms on your bracelet or by which charm bracelet you choose. I also like the necklaces that have a simple clock face on them like the square clock or the round one.

Black Brooch Curio Charm Bracelet $115 hannahzakari.co.uk
Riding Boot Curio Charm Bracelet $110 hannahzakari.co.uk
Heart Charm Bracelet Watch $54 monsoon.co.uk
Lady With Umbrella Bracelet $100 hannahzakari.co.uk
Not on My Watch Necklace $25 modcloth.com
Floral print watch $46 debenhams.com
Fossil Twist MOP Dial Watch $125 fossil.com
Square Black Dial Watch $350 endless.com
Simple Pocket Watch Necklace $28 loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk
Camera Watch Pendant Necklace $30 asos.com

My favorite watch that I own is a cute Fossil watch that is turquoise with a gold face. I really want one of the charm bracelets with a clock and one of the necklaces too! What is your favorite watch?



  1. like the second collage and all that jewelry in the last!

  2. omg i want that robot necklace soooo bad. i love all the alternative ways to keep time.


  3. the watches are great! love the charm bracelet/teal one!

  4. i'm in love with the mary janes in the first set. absolutely divine!
    Haute Californian

  5. I would kill for those charm bracelet watches from hannahzakari!!! They look so vintagey and beautiful, love them. ((: But man, they're pretty steep ):

    And man, you're so right, it does seem like we're constantly working towards a deadline. Loving your outfits nonetheless. :D My favourite would be the green dress. Its so pretty!



  6. i want this watches! :D
    hope to see u in my blog :)
    DaisyLine from http://daisyline.blogspot.com/


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