Cheesecake Popsicle

One of my best friends had previously purchased a Zoku instant popsicle maker and a recipe book that could be used with it. A few weeks ago on a dreadfully hot day several of us were together and we decided to give it a try. After looking through the recipe book we decided to make Cheesecake Popsicles. Above you can see a picture of the recipe in the popsicle book. Below is a picture of the needed ingredients. After mixing together the ingredients(except for the graham cracker crumbs we sprinkled those on after they were made) we poured some into each of the openings in the Zoku maker. The first batch of popsicles needed to stay in the Zoku maker for around 5-6 minutes, each batch after that needed to stay an extra couple of minutes. We could make 9 popsicles before the Zoku maker had to be put back in the freezer. We each took one to each. We wrapped the extras in plastic wrap and stored them in the freezer for later. Below you can see mine pictured. Don't they look so delicious? These Cheesecake Popsicles were fantastic! They were more cake-like than icecream though. These were very filling and tastey. I would reccommend the Zoku maker to anyone. Have you seen them or tried them?



  1. Mmm looks so yummy!!
    I've never seen them or try them. I hear about it for the first time. I don't think we have those here!

  2. YUM these look amazing!! I will have to try these!!

  3. lol i always just use a popcicle stick and a cup, much better huh.


  4. These look so nice! I've given you an award on my blog :) x

  5. oh my! this looks absolutely delish! we used to make popsicles as kids with your run of the mill ice tray and orange juice...talk about stepping up your game! i might have to try this one for sure! hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

  6. OMG, that sounds like the most amazing dessert ever!!!


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