Running with the Herd

I've recently developed a huge love for zebra print. I like it on everything from accessories, to clothes, to furniture, to an adorable umbrella a spot a very fashionable girl carrying recently. The zebra print on this girl's bed tells me she's a little edgy and a lot of fun. Both qualities that I love having in a friend. I like that this room seems very proper and elegant but the few things scattered around the room lets me know that it is very lived in and what about that zebra print sofa. Wow what a focal point. This girl looks very dressy and beautiful. A pairing of black and white together is very chic. I also love colored zebra print. It's fun. It's attention grabbing. And while it takes a confident lady to wear zebra print, color zebra print takes the confidence up even another little notch. I wanted to include this picture to show you just how editorial and high fashion zebra print can be. Here is a few looks I've pulled together for you featuring zebra print. The looks I've styled with zebra print are looks that would be perfect for going to a party or out with friends.

Look 1:
Zebra Tunic $17 - wetseal.com
Blue Tank $19 - metroparkusa.com
Juicy Couture Leggings $88 - net-a-porter.com
Black Rose Ring $14 - avalaya.com
Black Crystal Earrings $105 - net-a-porter.com
Diane von Furstenberg Heels $250 - nordstrom.com

Look 2:
Black Tank $94 - mrsh.se
Heart Earrings $41 - zappos.com
Pink Frill Shoes $59 - dorothyperkins.com
Zebra Print Skirt $16 - wetseal.com
Stella McCartney Clutch $755 - net-a-porter.com
I love zebra print paired with a bright color like bright pink.

Look 3:
Zebra Top $28 - buckle.com
Scarf $125 - farfetch.com
Zebra Ring $73 - zappos.com
Purse $99 - asos.com
Valentino tuxedo shorts $990 - net-a-porter.com
Studded Flats $237 - loefflerrandall.com
Here are a few random zebra print items that I love.

Desk Chairs $100 - roomstogokids.com
Pump Heels $25 - amiclubwear.com
Love Seat $234 - amazon.com
Zebra Print Scarf $16 - fashionaddict.com.au
Tote $25 - amazon.com
Bed set $100 - target.com

♥ Sunny

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  1. I love colored zebra prints too!! Lovely post!!

    <3 Kelly

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I love zebra print, the blue and black is my fav.

  3. holy crap u have no clue how much i luv zebra print! have u seen my zebra shoes? just luv em!!!


  4. I love zebra print! It's funny i have nothing in that print but if i see it somewhere it would attract me & i alwasy use it in my drawings lol... i really need even a pillow with that pattern ha! (:
    I added you to my Poly page ;)

  5. i love zebra print done in a tasteful way. the picture of the room is extremely elegant, i love how they used the animal print.
    Haute Californian

  6. Too cute. The one with color are super cute. xx

  7. i love prints but im more of a cheetah, tiger type of obsessor!


  8. I love zebra print too!!! It's on those prints where you end up buying everything in zebra and you don't realize you start to have too much of it..

  9. Animal prints are going to big for the fall season.


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