Teddy Bear

I can remember when I was really little and I had a favorite Teddy Bear, it was a plum purplish color with a black nose. I loved that Teddy Bear and was reminded of him today, when I learned that it was National Teddy Bear Day. I remember snuggling up to him at night before going to sleep. As a young child my Teddy Bear was a great friend and provided comfort and companionship whenever I needed. Looking online I have found more quotes than I can share, that express how every child feels about their Teddy Bear.
"Teddy bears like to go on morning picnics in the summertime, so they can enjoy the sunshine before it it too hot for their furry selves."
-Abigail Darling
"Bears need people. People need bears."
-Pam Brown
"In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion."
-Peter Gray
"There's just something about a Teddy Bear that's impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort and security. It's almost supernatural."
-James Ownby

"Age simply doesn't enter into it! The older the friend, the more he is valued, particularly when he shows so visibly the characteristics that we all look for in friends. You have only to look at a genuine teddy's face to see at once the loyalty, common sense, and above all, dependability behind it."
-Peter Bull

"Wake in the deepest dark of night and hear the driving rain. Reach out a hand and take a paw and go to sleep again."
-Charlotte Gray
"Bears sleep by day. At night they stay awake to chase away bad dreams."
-Jesse O'Neil

Did you have a favorite Teddy Bear or stuffed animal as a child?


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  1. Cute post! I didn't have a teddy bear, but I had a "Rosie," my babydoll. She went everywhere with me and was my best friend!

  2. lovely post! Yes, I had several.. my fave was going to the teddy bears picnics x


  3. i had a wonderful small brown bear named theodore egglestein bear (ted. e. bear) and i still love him even though he lives in a box in the closet. i rubbed all the velvet off his sweet little nose by kissing him each night! such a sweet sweet post! xoxox

  4. I had this strange stuffed character that had snaps all over it. I named him Snappy...so original, right? I loved him!

  5. Too cute. The last pic is just adorable. I had a teddy bear too. :)

  6. as you know from my 7 things i cannot sleep without my teo teddy bears. one from birth and the other a little while later, just luv em to death!


  7. Aw thanks for ya comments hun! Reckon u would love london! I love ya blog it so cute xx

  8. Awww this post made me remember when I was a kid! I love love looooved my teddy bears and all my stuff animals. There are stuff animals that I refuse to give away because there have such a huge sentimental value to me. I had tons of teddy bears (they were always my favorite stuff animal) but I have tons of other stuff animals. They were and still are perfect to just cuddle with =) This post was seriously too adorable!

    And I wanted to say thank you for your comment! I love getting comments, I get so happy when I log on and read them. I really appreciate the time you take to log on and read my posts and to comment on it =)

  9. That teddy post has convinced me... *FOLLOWS!!!* :D




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