Falling into my Favorites

I love fall for a number of reasons and it is absolutely my favorite season. I love the smell of pumpkin spice candles burning. I love that whenever I visit my grandmother's in the fall there is always freshly baked sweet potatoes. I love that there is numerous football games being played. I love that the temperature is as near to perfect as it will be all year. It isn't too hot like the heat filled days of summer and that it isn't so cold that I'm freezing even with my heavy winter coats on. I also love with the arrival of fall I know the holiday season is just around the corner.

Below is a few more of my favorite things. The falling leaves. The crispness in the air as the leaves start falling is thrilling. I love the colors of fall the reds, golds, orange, and browns. I like going for walks and feeling the crunch of leaves underneath my feet. I'm always excited the first time I see candy apples upon a visit to the grocery store. That is one of the first signs that fall is arriving to me. While caramel apples are delicious I prefer candy apples. Fall is the best season for fashion in my opinion. I love wearing warm soft sweaters. I also love that without 100 degree temperatures it is much easier to wear layers. I love tights. Especially when they have cute patterns or come in bold colors. And they are not most logical fashion choice on hot summer days. I love Halloween. I like having scary movie marathons and feasts filled with candy. But my favorite thing is the trick-or-treaters. Cute little kids in adorable costumes, who wouldn't love that? Each year I look forward to greeting them at my front door and giving them candy. The child pictured above is dressed up as a sprite from Rainbow Brite. ☺ Of course with my love of sweets comes a love for delicious hot chocolate. There's nothing better to warm you up during a cool morning or a late evening. I like my hot chocolate with marshmellow cream and cinnamon. How do you prefer yours? Sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a good book and while watching a romantic comedy. Is there any better way to spend a relaxing, lazy Fall evening?

♥ Sunny

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  1. I am missing fall a lot too, fall and spring. I hope you get to make the most out of your fall season. =)

  2. Man your fall sounds amazing! ((: Love the fireplace idea, really wishing I had one now. ): Love hot chocolate too! I like mine with marshmallows as well, but I roast mine over the stove first lol!

    Enjoy your fall dear! :D



  3. I'm excited about fall too. Lovely pics. xx

  4. This is such a cute list! I'm also excited for Fall, tights, sitting by the fireplace and delicious hot chocolate!


  5. aww i love this post!
    i adore fall (and spring too)! Adore tights! and oh my i just love the last pic, i would like to be in that place right now!
    And i agree with you, best season for fashion is fall (and spring too). :*

  6. I have to agree with you, I love autumn and all the things it brings, especially falling leaves.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, keep reading.

    Robbie xox


  7. Hey, I love fall too! My daughter's birthday is in the end of october! She is my little Halloween gift )) I looove Halloween and also think that fall is the best time for fashion! Great post ))

  8. hot choco, cool tights, candy apples, and colorful leaves! gah ur making me want fall all the more badly. and thx for commenting so much on my blog. much luv.


  9. oo what a lovely post!!! We love the same things about fall!!! Really cute pictures!


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