Pillow Talk

We spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping. I know I've mentioned before that sleeping in is one of my favorite things and that I love a comfy bed. But pillows are just as important as a nice warm bed. Pillows can make any area of a home seem extra special and inviting. I love when there is a huge pile of mismatched pillows. Below is a few beautiful pillows I found online. I love pillows with words on them. They are so cute and whimsical. My favorite is the one that says "Love."

Je taime Pillow $105 - grahamandgreen.co.uk
Keep Calm Pillow - moderndose.com
Victoria's Secret Pink Pillows - gifts.com
Love Pillow $105 - grahamandgreen.co.uk
First Time Pillow $60 - 2modern.com
Welcome to Paris! $35 - wakeupfrankie.com
With all of the different options and styles it would be easy to switch up the look in your room. To something as carefree as the balloon pillow to something more dramatic like the black and white forest pillow.

Floral Pillow $75 - gracioushome.com
Pink and White Pillow $110 - zarahome.com
Balloon Pillow $85 - conranusa.com
Bird Pillow $128 - companyc.com
Yellow and White Petal Pillow $68 - velocityartanddesign.com
Black and White Pillow $100 - fawnandforest.com

♥ Sunny

via: We Heart It


  1. hey :)!
    i'm glad you like fancie :D
    i love the nudes on the post below, and i adoreee these cushions! i can't decide which is my favourite! i really like the yellow with the hot air balloons on! there all laaavely, but quite expensive :(

    love, ruth x

  2. omg those are so pretty! i love the first one the most! i have two little pillows, one is blue and i got it from my friend, and other one is colorful and have LOVE spelled on also got it from my friend. (:
    Great post!

  3. i LOVE that love pillow! it's so fricking cute, i want one for my bed lol.
    Haute Californian

  4. These are gorgeous. I love the first ones. Too cute.


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