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As I have said before, one of my favorite things to do is read. Reading is a way to let your imagination take you places that you have never or might not ever go. After a long day or work, a lazy summer day, or a cold winter evening I just love to relax and read a good book. It is my dream to have my own library when I have my own home. I know I could have my library by finding pretty bookcases to go in a room, but I would rather my library have recessed shelves where the bookshelves are built into the wall. I think rooms like this are absolutely beautiful, plus it saves room space because bookcases aren't taking up space. I love the picture above! I love how that books are sorted according to color, it is like a rainbow of books around the room.
I love how this library has bookshelves all around the room. I would want my home library to have the recessed shelves all around the room too, so that I can have plenty of room for all my favorite books and future favorite books too! Plus I love the doors in this room, they let in so much light and on a breezy day they can be opened so that you can feel the nice breeze while you read.

A few things that ever good library needs are shown above. You need plenty of light to be able to read your books. Beautiful chandeliers and floor lamps can enhance the mood of any space. Other than plenty of books and great lighting, you also need cozy, comfortable places to seat while you read. I love the flowered chair above it is absolutely beautiful and it looks so comfy. If you don't have space in your home for a whole room dedicated for books and enjoying them, a beautiful bookcase in any part of your home can be used to display your favorite reads. I love the two bookcases pictured in the polyvore above.
Here are some of my favorite books. These would have to be in my library. What books would you have to include?
I know that not everyone has a passion for reading like I do (although I can't really understand it), so not everyone dreams of having a home library. If you don't dream of a home library, or even if you do, what other rooms do you dream of having in your own home?


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  1. Love these images!

    now following you :)

  2. i'm loving that floral seat! absolutely amazing.
    Haute Californian

  3. i LOVE books. theyre sooo amazing, one day i hope to work with books. i just finished 'I Am A Genious Of Unspeakable Evil And I Want To Be Your Class President' and passes it on to my little brother. great book for luaghs at any age.


  4. I adore the rainbow coloured library. When I'm rich (if that ever happens) I will have a huge library with plenty of light, airy windows so I can escape from the world.

    I would include classics such as Jane Austen, but also modern writers like Khalid Hosseini.

    Thanks for your sweet comment !

    Robbie xox


  5. You always post such a nice and beautiful stuff


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