I'm With The Band

I fell in love with headbands when the first season of Gossip Girl started. And in my opinion no one pulls off wearing a headband better than Blair Waldorf. Headbands can make a big statement when you are wearing them and they are easy to slip on. They can also be a huge help when you are having a dreaded bad hair day. A one shoulder dress can be very Greek Goddess. I chose embellished accessories to give it just a little more edge and fun.

One Shoulder Dress $64 - metroparkusa.com
Vera Wang Princess $88 - harveynichols.com
Christian louboutin Shoes $1,695 - matchesfashion.com
Amethyst Pendant Necklace $675 - net-a-porter.com
Alexander McQueen Bag $1,935 - matchesfashion.com
Crystal-Embellished Hairband $440 - net-a-porter.com
I love the bold pink color of this dress. Wrap dresses flatter most body types. I think this combination would be perfect for a nice event or dinner/lunch occuring in the afternoon or early evening.

D&G Satin Wrap Dress $575 - net-a-porter.com
Light Pink Ring $99 - charmandchain.com
Hermes Handbag $4,500 - usa.hermes.com
Feather Headband $15 - monsoon.co.uk
Ruffle Pumps $25 - amiclubwear.com
I love how this look is just a little sporty. It would be great for everyday wear while hanging out with friends or out running earrands. Gray and pale yellow is one of my favorite color combinations.

Cardigan $50 - shopadidas.com
Long Perfect Tanks $6.99 - oldnavy.gap.com
Bow Headband $11 - generalpants.com.au
Handbag $3,000 - mulberry.com
Flats $25 - lorisshoes.com
Floral Print Skirt $25 - oldnavy.gap.com
Diamond Necklaces tacori.com
No matter what your style is it is easy to incorporate that occasionally headband into your wardrobe.

Silky Carnation Headband $23 - monsoon.co.uk
Chain Headband $100 - harveynichols.com
Blue Ribbon Headband $125 - mysugarland.co.uk
Skinny Sattin Bow Headband $16 - anntaylor.com
Embellished Headband $7.80 - canada.forever21.com
Beaded Bow Headband $20 - topshop.com
Pearl Headband $9.80 - canada.forever21.com
Flower Headband $19 - missselfridge.com

♥ Sunny


  1. I'm so addicted to headbands. I love the yellow collection. That looks really fun. =)

  2. its good to hear from you too.. been ages..im trying to catch up with the millons of blogs i follow! :/ how has your summer been? do u live in the uk.. or abroad!? x

  3. hello, I just stumbled upon your blog. I also love headbands, one of my first blog posts was Blair Waldorf and her headband style. No one pulls a headband off like her!

  4. aw a 5 day weekend wicked lucky u!
    where do u work?
    i live in the uk london to be exact!
    oh hows kentucky? is it good??? i always wanted to go to america! :) x

  5. you know, headbands have always been the #1 fashion dont for me. I love seeing them on other people and always think they will work for me. Then, i end up with a ton of headbands that look terrible on me. Im not sure if it is my hair or my head (haha) or what! they jst never work for me! but i love admiring them on others!

  6. i love hairbands too (: luella did some really cool ones with bows on a few seasons ago that i handmade copies of - very waldorf!


  7. I've used a headband on many a bad hair day. Nice to see the choices offered now!

  8. i love headbands! they totally add something extra to any outfit which is sometimes needed. great post!
    Haute Californian

  9. So lovely, great !!!


  10. ha! you are totally right - headbands can be perfect to hide a bad hair day ;) i love them though and these are all great



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