Today I decided to post about things that have made me happy this week. This week has gone really well for me and a lot of things have made me smile and I want to share those things with you too. Hopefully you will smile too!
Sweet Treats like cupcakes.

The night sky is so goregous. I love to relax and look up at the stars after a long, hard day.

Balloons can lift anyone spirits. This summer water balloons have been a blast.

Shopping is always so much fun, especially when I find great deals.

Earlier in the week I was thrilled to read about Hello Kitty on the blog A Mermaid's Fashion Notebook! I love Hello Kitty and her friends, especially Chococat and Badzt Maru.

I love to crank up the tunes in the car on the way home in the evenings! Singing along to the songs is just an amazing way to destress after work.

I love my cellphone. It is so easy to get in touch with friends and make plans for the weekend.

Payday was this week!! YAY!

What made you happy this week?


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  1. Hmm cupcakes! So yummy.
    Ohh really? thank you SO much you're so sweet!!

  2. haha, mine list would be the exact same as yours, i'm a sucker for shopping, cupcakes and hllo kitty! Great post sweetie xxxx

  3. this made me smile
    i like the cupcakes and the shopping ones best :)


  4. lovely photos! :) the night sky is so pretty!

  5. Sweet treats have made me happy too this week. A good girly night out made me smile, I haven't had one in a while.

    Robbie xox


  6. perfect list :) i want some balloons, hello kitty, sweet treats and stars in my week please ;)


  7. You're so cute, thank you SO MUCH for all the words.

  8. loveee cupcakessssssss so cute & yummy (^^)
    tq for dropping a comment on my every new post...totally happy when i read it (^^)
    anyway i had sent the gift...ermmm it'll takes 2-3weeks till it reaches in ur hands


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