Halloween Transformation

Halloween is a great time of year to go crazy with the decorations. During this time of year you can go in opposite directions with the decorations. You can go with the creepy, haunted house look or the cute, spooky look. While I do love haunted houses I prefer for my decorations to be cute. Even if you are not decorating for a Halloween Party you should still decorate for the Trick or Treaters that will come.
Pumpkins are a must for any Halloween decorations. You can keep the pumpkin intact, but the interesting way to go is to use them for jack o'lanterns. You can cut cute faces or pictures into the pumpkins. A cute idea that I saw with jack o'lanterns is to place colored lights in them instead of candles. Then you have different colors of faces.
You need to have plenty of light. Orange and Purple seem to be the dominate colors for Halloween lights. You can use them to light the area or use them to create an image, like a spider web!
Bats are a decoration that can be creepy and scary or cute and a little spooky. You can have them hanging from the ceiling like in this picture or in other places.
If you are having a party, I love the idea of the food being presented in a way that it is part of the decorations. Cookies and cupcakes should be decorated in a way that is following the Halloween theme. I would want shapes like pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, and owls for the cookies.
For my Halloween party I would want to incorporate the colors, black, orange, and purple into the food and decorations. I won't be having a Halloween Party this year, but hopefully next year. Are you going to be doing anything special?


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  1. unfortunately halloween is not so much celebrated in France.
    there are no trick or treaters here :'(

    a few years ago it seemed that halloween had finally reached our country but it didn't last, people don't stick so much into it. it was more like a "fashion" phenomena.

    some people organize "halloween parties" but it's not for children, it's just like regular disguised parties. so no candies, no children outside (boo)

    that's just sad cause when i read about the whole halloween thing in blogs from U.S residents or when i see halloween related things in some movies, it makes me so envious !

    xx !

  2. great halloween insnpiration! ^_^ I never liked halloween til now. LOL those carved pumpkins are AWESOME!!!!

  3. omg! this year im getting a big pumpkin and carving it out, then putting a little one in its mouth like its eating it! i think its adorable.



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