Things That Go Bump In The Night

Although, some of our followers live in countries that do not celebrate Halloween a scary movie marathon with a huge supply of candy is a Halloween tradition that everyone can take part in. I love scary movies so much that every few months I spend a weekend where I watch two or three horror movies. I love the moments in the movie that actually make you jump. As a little child the "monster" that scared me most was aliens. Although I love scary movies, I can never watch them alone. The most terrifying moments of movies can stick with me for years. Even though I saw the movie Arachnophobia more than 10 years ago, I still have the occasional moments while showering when my mind flashes to the scene in the movie were all of the spiders come out of the showerhead killing the lady taking a shower. And thanks to Stephen King clowns will forever remain scary creatures.

After a night filled with scary movies I always curl up in my bed under all of my blankets with all of the little noises in the dark keeping me on edge until morning.
♥ Sunny

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  1. In Italy we celebrate Halloween too! :-) I love S. King! Nice post!:p

    Amo ♥

  2. uhuhu happy halloween :)))))



  3. In the Netherlands Halloween is not really celebrated (yet). They do sell decorations, but don't have the candy traditions and stuff like that. I love scary movies, my favorite kind. I also can't watch them alone. But if I have to I have a great tip. Put your hand in front of your face and watch the movie trough your fingers. Lol. Much less scary.
    Have a great Halloween.

  4. Only a sadomasochist would watch an horror alone !

  5. i love scary movies but uhh not alone :p xx

  6. i love your blog! it's filled with so many good ideas! and i love that you are really focusing on Halloween- one of my favorite holidays! :D :P
    this weekend, i definitely want to try making the caramel brownies!


  7. I am like you, I cannot watch scary movies alone! I grew up watching scary movies, i remember watching the Exorcist when I was only 3! Now I ask my mom how on earth did she let me! So I think being able to watch scary movies when I was younger has traumatized me for life. Its kind of fun to get scared but when your with your friends or family, never alone!

  8. i used to be able to watch scary movies - but after having my babies - i can't watch scary movies and NOT EVEN thrillers!! pathetic - I know!! LOL

    Happy halloween to you !!

  9. omg, i remember watching arachnophobia as a kid, and i would always imagine spiders coming out of the cracks in the wall, the trees, the shower...

    <3, Mimi

  10. just love that quote!



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