Say Yes to the Dress

Last weekend I went to try on dresses for a friends wedding. I am going to be one of her bridesmaids. Trisha, the bride, has selected a beautiful dress for herself. Sorry to say that I do not have a picture of it to show you, because it was purchased earlier. We were meeting just to look for the bridesmaids dresses, there are four of us, and for the maid of honor's dress. These dresses are going to be the same style but in different colors. We went to a really nice place to look for these dresses. They even offered us some wine!

I had never tried wine before and I do not know what we were given. While it is very pretty, I thought it tasted nasty. So after a sip I was done with my wine and sat it back down.

While the other girls and I were trying on dresses for Trisha to see, my sister, who is not in the wedding, was walking around looking at all of the beautiful things in the shop. She snapped the following pictures.

This place, called the Rose Tree, had everything from wedding dresses, to prom dresses, to accessories, to everyday wear. So while we ended up not getting any dresses (because some of the bridesmaids do not understand that this is NOT their wedding) we had a great time and saw some very beautiful things.



  1. Dress shopping, it's always fun! :) Love all the broaches in the last pic!


  2. Wow, a lot of bling! Still sounds like you had a good time dress shopping. I hope you end up getting a lovely dress! So many bridesmaid dresses end up looking quite horrible, but if the bride's paying for it, there's not much to complain about.

  3. i love looking at wedding dresses!

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  5. hehe, love this post! all look gorgeous x

    have a nice day,

  6. So fun!! I love weddings! Cant wait to have one of my own someday. Haha!

  7. Isn't wedding dress shopping just the best?! I seriously never met a glass of wine I didn't like so I'm amazed that you didn't like yours.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. I love the idea of the dresses being different colors!

  9. Yes, dress shopping can be difficult. A girl should always say yes to the dress they feel perfect in.


  10. good times to hang on to ;)
    last summer i went bridesmaid shopping for my brother wedding and i had a big problem with fitting into the dresses, the smallest dress size they made was a 2 and im a 0, so it was a bit of a challeng, especially since the dress they ended up picking to wear had no strapes, lol

  11. Lovely dresses. Too bad your first wine tasting wasn't good. :)

  12. haha I got in maaaaaajor trouble photographing stuff in a bridal shop once! luckily the place you were at was chill =) ahhh dress shopping... you couldn't pay me to go through it again! haha!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  13. Hahah yeah some people just want to stand out a little too much =P

  14. LOVE shopping for dresses! I think there is always too much tension between the bride & bridesmaids when it comes to dresses! Yikes, the drama!

  15. OOO Look sparkly things :) and wine is something that grows on you. I started with an asti sparkling wine and then moved on from there.. mainly was just a flat out wine-aholic for about a year... and now I hate it, hmm. Anyways just stopping by and starting to follow :)


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