Two Look For The Week

What To Wear: Running Errands
Studded Biker Jacket / Urban Glitz Diamond Stud Earrings / Black Coated Jeans / Spiked Statement Necklace / Black and Gold Booties / Jersey Crew Cotton Sweater / Michael Kors Tote
While running errands it is important to be comfortable, while still looking your best. This look includes flat ankle boots so you can be comfy while running around town and one of my favorite items for Fall a leather moto jacket. This great statement necklace is only $42 and the earrings are $24.
What To Wear: Apple Picking

J. Crew Plaid Shirt / Hair Ties / Essie Recessionista / Acne Skinny Jeans / Aviator Sunglasses / Kate Spade Bow Studs / Lucky Tall Flat Boots / Chunky Link Chain Bracelet / French Connection Bangle Set
I have always wanted to go apple picking. It seems like the quintessential Fall activity. I cannot imagine going apple picking in anything except flat brown boots and a plaid shirt. Have you ever been apple picking?


  1. i love love that apple picking outfit. when my husband and i went this past weekend he was commenting on how a lot of people were wearing plaid or flannel i guess maybe it is a thing to do when fall comes around!

  2. The first one is totally my face!
    Girl, love it!

  3. The fall leaves are beautiful! Loving both outfits, especially your apple picking look.

  4. I LOVE it all!
    Absolutely gorgeous!

    *ps.come visit me in Boulder,you are going to love it here,xo

  5. I love both outfits! I have not gone apple picking this year ...yet!

  6. That first photo is simply amazing.

  7. loving both outfits a lot! I haven't been apple picking in a long time and now I think I need too! AND I need to get some apple-picking appropriate boots!
    ♥ laura
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  8. Wow! throw these are great looks...ESP love the errands running look... I usually just wear yoga pants..eeek

  9. Gorgeous fall photo and great outfits!


  10. I would so wear the second outfit to pick apple in.

  11. great pieces!

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    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx

  12. you are super chic running errands!! :)

  13. ur errand running outfit is too glam

  14. I love both looks- one is very edgy and London-chic, and the other is All-American prep. :) Both would get worn many times in my wardrobe!


  15. Love the Fall picture, beautiful colors. I also like the wool hats, can't wait to wear mine this winter :)
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    Abi K


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