Palmolive Fresh Infusions

A few days ago I received my Palmolive Fresh Infusions voxbox compliments of Influenster. What was inside is pictured above. I had three wonderful scents. The Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish liquid smelled wonderful. Are you about out of dish liquid? Then you should stop by WalMart and pick up some Palmolive Fresh Infusions. I recommend the Lime Basil. It makes me think of Springtime and lime slushies with its sweet scent. I shared my Palmolive with my sister. She received the Lemon Thyme, because she loves all things lemony. Thanks to @Influenster for the great #PalmoliveFreshInfusions dish liquid.


  1. I gave my Parent the Lemon Thyme one. I'm love the Ginger white tea

  2. These sound wonderful...anything that reminds me of a slushie is a good thing..so nice!! I hope you have a great day & weekend dolls xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  3. I have a coupon for a free sample of this soap. Can't wait to see if I like it.


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