Spring Forward

I am really looking forward to Spring. There are just so many reasons to love Spring- the weather and spring fashion being two reasons. The winter weather leaves and we can look forward to warmer temps. When the warmer weather arrives you can spend lazy afternoons relaxing in the sunshine. In Spring you can put those winter coats back into storage and pull out all of your cute shoes that bad winter weather prohibited you from wearing. I am also looking forward to a Spring break from work. In Spring icy roads will no longer be something I have to worry about on the way to work. What are you looking forward to the most in Spring?

I think that Spring is my favorite season. The weather is not to cold or to hot. The flowers come into bloom providing us nature's beauty. Fashion completely changes as we leave the colder weather behind. Do you have a favorite season? Is it Spring?

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  1. Love all of these, I am looking forward to spring too....marvellous time! I hope you have a super week dolls xx

  2. Love this! I can't wait for spring... Though I can't believe it is meant to be getting colder this week! :( I just want to wear bright colours again and possibly flash some skin! Lol x

  3. spring is the prettiest season to me, but i'll forever love autumn. i think it's because it's always so hot down here!

  4. I can not wait for spring either - especially when all the flowering trees pop and the world is full of light and color again.
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  5. Have to say my favourite season is summer but I do love spring too. The feeling that everything is still ahead, and as you mentioned the blooming trees, chancing the wardrobe... it's all so fabulous!

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  7. I cant wait for spring either. I am done with the snow and cold weather.
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  8. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to Spring because... we haven't really had much of a winter here in Illinois! So, I'm still waiting for winter so I can really enjoy the warmth :)
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  9. I love your blog description! So cute and I believe in those things as well :) Newest follower!

  10. Can´t believe that spring really exists - seems it gets from day to day colder here in Germany, Bavaria! But your pictures are really warming my heart <3


  11. I love spring! Looking forward to warmer and longer days. Definitely needed!!


  12. I definitely have spring fever right now. It's so cold for so long during the winter that it's like everything is renewed and a fresh start. Although summer is my favorite season. The hotter the better! Heather

  13. I can't wait for spring either! all of those sundresses are calling my name :)

    xo SideSmile,
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  14. beautiful pics! can't wait for spring x

  15. Ahh as if I didn't want spring enough already these photos are making me crave it even more! Cannot WAIT!
    xx, Emily

  16. I love Spring... It's so joyful and full of life!!!

  17. Totally agree, Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love seeing the flowers bloom and I love the warm weather. I have to say I am most looking forward to adding lots of spring colors (pastels!) to my wardrobe and bringing out my sandals and dresses.


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  19. I love Spring too. It's birthday time, Easter egg time, time of renewal for me, time to think about summer holidays, it was the time I moved to Spain........I could go on but I won't ;-)

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  21. I'm so ready for Spring and warmer weather but I think I'd have to say Fall is probably my favorite season. Summer's not too bad either - basically anything but winter :)

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  22. These are lovely. I'd say my favorite season is Fall. It's such a lovely time of year, especially the weather. Spring's close too. I like any season with lots of wind and rain and overcast days, which...is probably proof I'm slightly insane, but I just love that kind of weather. I really don't like summer, and I'm beginning to similarly dislike winter. Well, serious winter, at least. Hope yall have a lovely week!


  23. I am really looking forward to spring also! Right now our flip-flop weather is driving me nuts, and I'm so ready for some more outdoor activities!

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  24. I think Autumn is my favourite season haha :D Spring has great weather, but unfortunately I get hayfever :(

  25. I totally agree! I wish spring would just get here already!!! Love your pics!

    xo Olivia

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