Going to a Wedding

Last week I did a #whattowear post for what to wear to a wedding. That post only gave one idea, so I thought I would bring you some more options. Instead of doing the whole look, I found four incredibly beautiful dresses. Each of these dresses would be perfect to wear for a wedding. You only need to add some heels or flats and a few accessories and you would be ready to go. While, I love all of these dresses, my favorite would have to be the blush dress with black dots. Which is your favorite?
Dresses for a Wedding

Jade Bow Dress - Pink Floral Dress - Blue and Ivory Striped Dress - Blush Spot Dress

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  1. How perfect since I am going to a wedding this weekend. I love that flower print dress!

  2. The blush one with dots is super cute. I also LOVE the floral dress.

  3. I think the blush spot one is my favourite!

  4. We love the dresses!!

    xx Patty & Mira

    hope you follow back :)


  5. Cute dresses! I love the floral print.

  6. I love the turquoise one because it's my fave color and reminds me of the beach but the pink and black one with the flowers is also gorgeous and unique.


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